Big picture map

Immediately below is the ‘big picture’ to show the locations we visited relative to Nepal as a whole.

Everest, you will note, is some distance to the West of our furthest Western point, and even when we flew past it it didn’t appear significantly different from the major peaks around it.

relief map

Supposedly this is how Nepal looks from 152Km up. It gives an idea of which ranges you are seeing from each location.

Google Relief


Detail map

Our stops highlighted in yellow; mountain ranges highlighted in blue. I’ve removed some detail to aid clarity. If you download this map and load it into something like MS Photo Editor, you can read it more easily and perhaps see the elevation changes moving North from where we were


(ft up/dn)


Around the hill

8-12=48K500ftHiked into the village; about 500ft down the hill the hotel was on; around 360 degrees of the same hill, and back up to the village
Village sunset walk4-6=24K500ftDown through the houses around Nagarkot and then back up to the top to see the sunset
Microwave lookout8-4=8 10Km 1500Longer trip on our second day. Great views of the Kathmandu valley and occasional glimpses of Langtang; out along the pathways, back by road


No significant walking. Several ambles of perhaps 5km but no elevation gain. See main text for itinerary.


Tibetan Village walk 3 5KmNadaUrban hike to have a look at the Tibetan refugee village on the outskirts of Pokhara. Got back just in time to avoid a downpour!
Sarangkot Hike812Km1500descent onlyBus took as to far end of a long ridge leading back to Sarangkot, which overlooks Pokhara. Heck of a descent in steaming heat to Pokhara’s lake; stop for a beer, and then a final hoof back through town as the sun was setting.
No-name8-11=35Km1000ftBus; then taken by canoe to the far end of a lake; hiked up onto a ridge overlooking the lake and back along this ridge and down to our starting point. Great views of the Annapurnas
Temple hike 3-6:310Km800ftThe wasps and leeches hike! Walked from the hotel around the opposite side of the Pokhara’s lake and then up a nearby hill, to see the Buddhist stupa there. Came straight down the side of the hill, hoping to walk along the shore of the lake back, but landslides had taken out the path, so we had to hire canoes to take us back across the lake.
Royal Trek9 15K2000ftGreat hike! Bus to the start; hiked through flatland paddy fields and then up onto a long ridge. Then about 2km along the ridge with great views of the Annapurnas and Lamjung Himal and up onto a further peak to have lunch. Back down onto a different ridge parallel to the first, for part of the jaunt back. Stopped in at our guide’s house and had tea with his family


Village hike3-6:3 5K500ftRam, our intrepid guide, took us on a ramble through the village below the hotel we were staying in, explaining the caste relationships and the function of each knot of houses
Temple hike812Km2,000ftBus to Gorka town, and climbed up through it to the temple overlooking the town. Great views from here of the Annapurnas and Manasuli to the North. Then hiked along a separate ridge to a school, then down into a valley, and up the hill next to our hotel.


Reclining Vishnu/NunneryAbout7 10Km 1500ftGreat day, starting in the outskirts of Kathmandu; up a hillside on the n. side of the valley, to the nunnery; lunch there and then back to have a look at the temple in town.
Swayambunath35KmnadaBusto this “monkey temple” and sightseeing there; hike back through Kathmandu to Durbah Square; look around there; rickshaw rip-off part way back!
[Patna walk*] See note below
[Thamel Walk*]See note below
* Lyn only. John with mild stomach bug