Walking and sightseeing
around Vancouver, B.C.
(A Guide for Prospective Visitors)

Last Update: June 2010: broken links repaired but no guarantees...!


Vancouver is a good central point for a range of travel, sightseeing and just hanging out with nature. I’ve divided the options into local, mid-range, and big trips, with the divisions determined more or less by the amount of planning/time/money involved (none, some, lots).

"Local" and "Mid-range" trips are easily doable, in the sense that most visitors, depending on your inclination/preference, can take these in: you don't have to be a modern day Shackleton to acomplish them. Some of the big trips are for a particular palate (or wallet) but are popular destinations...if that's what you're looking for.

Local Within Vancouver Local mountains or less than half day trips
Mid Range Day or weekend_trips Long day or perhaps overnight trips; river rafting
Big stuff 4-5 day trips ...+kayaking, horseback riding

I’ve given a brief rundown below under these same headings, to give you samples of what is available and help you begin research.


Within Vancouver

Won’t spend too much time on this as you’ll be able to pick and choose while you’re here (doesn’t need any planning). However the following websites may be of interest.

Local mountains or less than half day trips

Vancouver from Grouse MountainBecause these are close WhiskyJack on Howe Soundat hand and don’t take long to get to and return, you can extemporize while you’re here.

Local mountain hikes (good for views on sunny days[distance/vertical/time])

Low-level walks (rainy or take-it-easy days)

Mid Range

Day or weekend trips

Long day or perhaps overnight trips; river rafting

Golden Ears--yet another hike! Now this is where it gets interesting. You may want to do one and perhaps two of these and we’ll probably be glad to arrange it (we often do one of these in a weekend if the weather is good).

Big stuff

4-5 day trips

Helpful websites


Travel references