We were, of course, pleased that (second eldest) son Blake and partner Dez decided to get married. They chose Cancun as their destination, and for timing: the second week of February (while the Olympics were on in Vancouver) so that they could be away while their apartment was rented. The best made plans... we ended up in Puerto Vallarta for the first week in February. But in other respects the wedding week went splendidly.

Pool,taken from our room The wedding party—almost 60 of us—made up half the Air Canada flight toBlake and Dez Puerto Vallarta on Jan 30th 2010. Got into the Dreams resort around 9:30pm local time—just in time to get our room and head along the beach to the Oceana seafood restaurant for dinner...30m from the sea. Ah, this we could get used to.

Lyn and I have never done the all-in resort thing before. Being able to eat and drink as much as you like (including room service) and only have to pay $1 for the tip has a large appeal...which only a few of those on diets or who had major hangovers at some point would occasionally regret. We had dinner in 5 different restaurants in the resort that week and they were all good.

After a couple of days of sun, swim, tennis, drink, dine, dance we were ready for the wedding. Held in the gazebo, right on the beach, at 4:30pm Monday afternoon. Wonderful wedding (Lynda's sister Susan the presiding Minister); half the resort seemed to be interested— either wandered and stopped to look or watched from the windows above. Wedding dinner on the terrace afterwards. We had barely finished dinner and speeches when the rain started and we had to go inside to dance the night away (well, Lyn and I made it all the way to 12:30am!)

The rain lasted another two days, which was a bit unusual apparently. But w e were happy just to kick back, read, eat, sit around chatting to our new in-laws.... Yes, that was fun. Dez's parents and family (there were about 20 of them there, so our own family of 20 has now apparently doubled in size) turned out to be a very nice group of people.

Then a last couple of quite hot days lounging on the beach. Lynda and Susan did some rock-climbing; I swam in the sea, played a little table tennis, a little tennis; went bird watching (endless entertainment from the Brown Pelicans and the Frigate birds; lots of Yellow-winged Caciques, a few Social Flycatchers and some parrots but not a lot more).

Coming back through Vancouver Airport here there was already a real Olympic buzz. Apparently a lot of the athletes were already arriving.

PS Dismal selection of pictures on our camera so we're hoping for better from others (to be posted on the website...wherever that is).