Egypt 2007

Using Google Earth

Google Earth view of the Pyramids at Giza.

Top to bottom: Cheops (Khufu), Khafre, Menkaure
NB The image above is a frozen snapshot of a Google Earth view and not a view in Google Earth. If this was an actual Google Earth view you could zoom in and out from this starting place

Brief Description

Google Earth is a free product provided by Google. It is really a most remarkable and entertaining piece of software. It allows you to see the planet as though you are looking from a spy satellite; you can whiz about across the surface of the Earth as well as zoom in to the point where you can perhaps see your own rooftop with the car parked in the driveway.

You can download the latest version and get more information here. You will benefit most from this product if you have a high-speed connection. However, as long as you don't have great expectations you might still enjoy it even if you haven't (although the download size of 14Mb may be further discouragement).

Note that quality of definition varies, depending on what region you are looking at. Oddly, I found that definition quality for Canterbury in England (with the famous Cathedral and all) was far inferior to that for Kigali in Rwanda. However, we really can see our car in our driveway

Relevance to Egypt

I've created Google Earth "Placemarks" of the places that we visited. You can click on these (having loaded them) and fly immediately to a close-up view of that place and see it from above. The close-up is interesting enough but I thought you'd enjoy having the ability to zoom out a little, to see the desert or city setting of the place. I find it really quite fascinating.

How to load these Placemarks

  • Right-Click on this download link.
  • Click "Save Link As..."
  • Save the file in the "My Documents" folder on your computer
  • Using Windows Explorer, find the downloaded file in My Documents and double-click it
  • After Google Earth has loaded, look in the "Places" window at the left. You'll see "John and Lynda's Egyptian Holiday" under Temporary Places. Click on the + signs to expand the folders until you can see the pink pushpins, or Placemarks.
  • Doubleclick any placemark and Google Earth will immediately "fly you there".